The Medicine

The Medicine won't be just an album.
The first musical ideas were created in the summer of 2014. The Medicine as a musical project defines the current period of my life; a departure from obscuring expressions. Seeking for simplicity and a style that bears the message within itself. Without the need to give an explanation why it sounds the way it sounds. 

I will produce the music organically with other musicians. And there will be several ways of live performances. Alone, performing with a lot of hand-crafted instruments and with a live band. 

The whole thing started because it was time to re-invent. My past work contains a lot of layers, subtle sounds and hidden ideas. The EP 'Trencadis' (on INI Movement) is a good example of the genre I created: Dubnova. 

I didn't want to hide the expressions anymore and seek cover behind a song with a million layers. Now the sounds need to be clear and defined. The expressions and feelings are hidden in plain sight. Using similar instruments and sounds to explore their own features.

The project is called The Medicine because we need to use the rough times. They prepare us for the work we need to do to become who we want to be. If we do that the good times will come.  

I am not entirely sure where we will end up...
All I know is that I have to do it like this.
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