Style is the Message

Prace creates music that goes further than the boundaries of itself.

Call him a composer, music-producer, pianist or a DJ. With roots in Hip-Hop culture, Jazz, Latin and Electronic genres, along with his studies of Indian and Arabic music, Prace’s knowledge of music is as expansive as the sounds he creates.

His style is like a mosaic, taking the best of different genres to show the beauty of this world. He synthesizes latin rhythms with dub-style bass lines, electronic sounds and instrumentations performed by real musicians. In the absence of a befitting genre for his approach, Prace has coined the term ‘Dubnova’ to represent his distinct sound. As Dub and Latin are core elements of his musical signature. 

In his music, everything connects: opposing structures, cultural traditions and various music styles subtly interlock. The work of Prace shows how worlds can meet on an equal level, complimenting each other and thus becoming a common ground. 

Prace has been DJ-ing around the world since 2002, and is the creative mind behind 'Safari': a secretive party in The Netherlands.
He is playing keys and scratching in the band called 'The Hidden Agenda'. Next to that he is also working as a musicteacher in various forms (piano, dj-ing, scratching, composition and music production).

Currently, Prace resides in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Feel free to send him an e-mail if you have any questions!

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